Prof. Dorota Dworakowska

Prof. Dworakowska has a broad clinical practice in endocrinology (thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenals, PCOS, low testosterone, endocrine problem in pregnancy and before IVF), endocrine oncology (tumours of endocrine glands), endocrine cardiology, diabetes (including pre-diabetes and insulin resistance), hypertension, obesity and general/internal medicine (tiredness, vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency, hair loss, hirsutism, acne).


Carrying for your health and well-being

Older female patient when measuring pressure during home visit

Professor Dworakowska offers the best possible assessment and treatment for your hormone related medical and endocrine conditions. We would be delighted to provide you with the care and support that you need and also to empower you in the self care required to maintain your well-being.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Professor Dworakowska is an exceptional practitioner in the field of endocrinology. She is highly detailed and methodological in her assessments and conveys diagnostic data in easy-to-understand form. She is an empathetic listener and explores all avenues to reach a definitive diagnosis

I have been visiting Professor Dorota Dworakowska frequently for a few months due to my endocrine problems. And I must say that so far she is one of the best doctors I have ever met in my life! I’m very grateful to doctor Dorota. In a few words, she is not only a brilliant specialist with an overwhelming knowledge in her field and the medicine in general but also very supportive and empathetic person, who made me feel easy and in good hands

I have been visiting professor Dworakowska frequently for over a year. I am always very pleased with my experience. Professor Dworakowska takes such a wonderful care of me, explain things carefully and always give me complete answers to all ma questions. Definitely the best doctor I ever had

I can recommend her enough! While she is very professional, she is warm and thoughtful. Her advice is always clear and easy to understand. It sounds strange, but I always look forward to seeing her. She is a wonderful doctor

"Research, teaching, innovation"

We all appreciate it is a worrying and difficult time, so I would like to update my patients on how the coronavirus (COVID-19) may affect your care and treatment with me. You can book a remote consultation by telephone or via video for a new and follow up review